8 Makeup Secrets Korean Women Use to Look Younger everyone above 40 should know

Photo by drimenaim on Unsplash

Introduction :

Korean makeup is the most creative and popular these days throughout the World. For one, the surfaces are inconceivable: The highlighters are rich smooth and dissolve into your face like a second skin, the lip tints give the Popsicle-recolored look without feeling dry, and the pads, goodness truly, the pads. 
You may perceive a pad minimal for foundation considering even drugstore brands presently convey them, yet in Korea, they have to pad everything—pad temples greases, pad reddens, pad eye shadows, pad highlighters… The rundown goes on. 
These textures add to the ethereal, dewy, glass-skin impact we as a whole fantasy about accomplishing, but at the same time there’s quite a lot of more Korean makeup can do—in particular, assist you with looking more youthful. 
“In America, I think young ladies need to look hotter and more develop,” says Korean beauty craftsman Cat Koh during an ongoing masterclass I went to in Seoul. “In Korea, we love looking more youthful.” 
This has brought about a huge number of beauty application methods that are altogether intended to assist you with directing your generally honest, wide-looked at (actually), young self. 
Fortunate for you, I took bounteous notes during Koh’s group, which I’m sharing ahead. From doggie hound eyes to natural product juice beauty, continue looking for eight beauty stunts Korean ladies use to look younger.

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