7 Signs You and Your Partner Are Becoming Total Strangers

1- Constant criticize

If you notice that your parents don’t like your decisions anymore, you should definitely talk about it about it because parents may start to criticize your ideas and live projects which can make the relation quite tough to bond together.

They can sense when you are doing something right or wrong, but if you were not given the space to express and justify, you may get frustrated and start avoiding them and hence feel like you are dealing with strangers.

2- Pointing out at irritants

If your parents are constantly finding things in your life that makes you uncomfortable, this can be a sign that you are on the beginning of separation. It may not be true for all families, but it’s true for enough of them to say that.

Also, one of the signs that you are losing the relationship with your father is, if you become angry or upset easily. It doesn’t have to be directed at your parent. Anger is one of the worst things that you can do to damage a relationship.

3- Too much complaints

You may find that one or both of your parents are not satisfied with the relation. They are often complaining about how are you no longer acting with respect towards them.

If you listen to their complaints, it may give you some insight into what is lacking in your behavior. It is time to sit down and have an honest discussion about what is going wrong. The two of you need to make a commitment to fixing your relation.

4- More distance

You and your parents are becoming more distant due to work and other obligations. If this is happening in household, there are likely other problems that are going on within the relation that are causing this change.

Also, if you are having trouble finding quality time to spend with your parents, then it is time for you to talk about it before the feeling of strangeness quicks in.

5- Emotional distance

You and your parents are becoming more distant even though that you spend too much time together. If this is the case, then it is time for you and your partner to make some changes so that you can have better communication with one another.

It is important that you and your parents are open with each other. This will help you avoid arguments and conflicts in the future.

6- You avoid gatherings

Whether it was family gatherings, holidays or special occasion, if you found that you are trying to dodge getting together, you have to realize that you are getting to feel like strangers.

It does not matter how much tense is the relation between you two, however, one should always do their best in order to make the other feel like they matter and you do your best in order to be there with them.

7- You no longer call each other

You may be physically away and distant, yet emotionally close to one´s heart. In case you realized that you no longer talk with your parents on the phone, or texting them, that may be indicative that you are losing the rapport between both of you and you are on the verge of becoming distant strangers

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